About Us

My mission is to help you activate the power of your chakra system to amplify your impact, ignite your passion and align with the divine in your biz & life!

There is so much information out there about business strategies, mindset tools and magic diets that promise you a new life and great success, but they are all missing a very crucial concept.

Most all these strategies that are littering the online world these days separate your mind and body. Think yourself to wealth. Use this funnel to attract dream clients. Try this diet that will assure you happiness.

These are all pieces to the puzzle, but mere pieces aren’t going to get you the life you are dreaming of.

You want it all, and you deserve it all.


The trick? Going INSIDE to align and activate the potent and powerful potential that is waiting to be awakened in your body and mind. This potent energy source is your chakra system.

Activating your chakra system connects your body, mind and spirit creating an ongoing loop of energy that you can tap into at all times.

When we separate our mind, body and spirit we are constantly draining our energy, allowing fear, self-doubt, shame and guilt to creep in, sabotaging our success.

I guide women to tap into this creative energy flow, remove any limiting beliefs holding you back and raise your vibration to become a match for your true desires.


The chakras are a roadmap that we will follow together, getting you more clear on your messaging and confident in your life each day!

We start at the base to root down and grow a firm foundation and then we climb the ladder one chakra at a time to amplify your impact, ignite your passion and align you with the divine.


Having a life-long passion for nutrition, I studied dietetics in college. I thoroughly enjoyed my field but wasn’t satisfied with just counting calories and balancing carbs, proteins, and fats. I knew that there had to be more to the human health puzzle than just nutrition alone.

I started seeking out all that I could about finding a holistic way of working with the body, mind and spirit. These studies led me away from traditional education and on a path to get certified as a massage therapist, yoga instructor and a holistic health coach. Using my extensive background in health combined with many business trainings, I have been helping people all over the world learn more about developing a whole body approach to wellness and business success!