Hey girl, so happy you have arrived!

You are probably here because you are craving MORE.


You have always felt it deep down in your belly; you are made for big things.

You are meant to shine fucking bright and allow others the space to step into their own potential.

You know in your soul that you are a leader.

You are here to shake the world and pave the path for others.

You know you are worthy of deep success. Of stepping into your power and letting it illuminate the world around you. You know it is out there and it is waiting for you.

You are ready. You are ready to drop the struggle and own your life.

You were made for this and you are ready to exit the struggle bus.

You are ready to SHINE!


I struggled for years!

No matter how many tips, tricks, coaches, diets or programs I used I still found myself a first class ticket on the struggle bus.

Just when I was about to give up I received an incredible download from spirit…



I had been picking my life apart and trying many things but in doing so I was compartmentalizing my life, my body, my emotions and my spirit.

Although I had learned many skills, I hadn’t found freedom from any of them.

I found FREEDOM in learning the energetic map of my body.

The Chakras showed me the path WITHIN me to alignment, balance, health and joy.

I learned everything my brain and body could absorb about these energetic centers and now it’s time I share them with YOU because it literally changed everything for me in the most spectacular of ways!

The Details

Stay tuned for next round announcement!!

7 Transformative Weeks of Activation and Alignment

Deep Dive into One Chakra Per Week

1 Zoom Call Per Week to get to know this badass group of women on an intimate level

PDF Worksheets and Journaling Prompts For Self Reflection & Limiting Beliefs Shifting

Group Accountability & Support

Massive Transformation & Incredble Upleveling!


✧ Diving deep into your survival habits and where you are holding yourself back from deep transformation and worthiness.

✧ Removing blocks of fear to unlock true abundance, food freedom, a healthy relationship with your body and massive money flow.


✧Exploring your emotional nature, locating blocks and removing them for more ease, flow, passion and pleasure.

✧Navigating through sexuality, intimacy, desires, and change for massive growth and sweetness in your life.


✧ Locating where you are held back from your true purpose and power.

✧ Unleashing your confidence and learning to share your gifts with the world, unabashedly.


✧ Learning to allow massive love into your life!!

✧ Remove blocks of guilt to truly begin to love yourself and effortlessly allow love into your life from others.


✧ Embracing true radical self-expression!

✧ Uncovering your blocks of being seen in the world and learning how to express yourself fully and completely.


✧ Connecting with your inner wisdom.

✧ Learning to trust your instincts and move forward in the world without worry and second guessing.


✧ Strengthen your connection with your higher power.

✧ Receive divine downloads and immense support moving forward, you do not have to do this alone!

“I really feel like this is that push I’ve needed to embrace everything I already knew. Thank you for sharing this and I’m loving the focus and practical aspects like the worksheets too. Keep doing what you’re doing‬‬‬‬ this is amazing! I have loved being in this group and can feel the shifts in other aspects of my life as well. Thank you so much and can’t wait for what is to come.”– Jessica


“I’m so in love with this whole chakra activation challenge and am so thankful for you Sarah! You’ve been amazing!! Thank you, Thank you!! You’re so generous in your gifts both physical and spiritual. I feel like you helped me give way to my own power and eliminate the limiting beliefs I had surrounding why I couldn’t succeed.”   Tina
“I am so impressed with your knowledge. Wow! Sarah you have really found your calling. I have learned so much! And I have become so much more self-aware in such a short time! I can’t thank you enough for this experience!‬” – ShaunAnn

This is for you if:

You are ready for deep transformation

You’re wanting to be part of a badass girl tribe that is leading a revolution

You’re ready to do the damn work, go deep and kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, for good.

Your ready to climb out of stagnancy and raise your vibration high.

You want to feel sexy, fulfilled and abundant.

You’re ready to accept you are made for BIG things and you accept the responsibility of moving forward, fast.

Your soul is ready to shine. You are ready to step out of your box and speak your authentic truth.

You are committed to yourself on a deep, spiritual level.

You’re ready for ease, flow and play in your life and business.

You are ready for divine guidance and downloads.

You are ready to fucking love your body.

You are ready to stop saying later and start saying right NOW!

You can see it…but can you believe it?

That’s where I come in.

I am Sarah, A Chakra Activation Coach, helping women to discover their true power, potential and life path to start living the life they always new they were destined for but could never reach.

I get it, you are your own worst critic. You have limiting beliefs holding you back and you are stuck in comfort mode. But what lies on the outside of that comfort mode? Your true DESIRES. Does it take work? Hell yeah. Is it worth it?

OMG girl you were meant for this greatness!

Don’t kid yourself, you are ready to do the work. You just need a little push, a little motivation and some damn direction of where to start.

I am here to hold that space for you.

Have questions? Amazing! Email them to me at [email protected] to talk over your options <3.