“Alignment and activation of your root chakra is the key to setting up your life, business and health for success.”

Root Down To Rise Up begins March 12th, 2018!

When it comes to our chakra system everything begins with our base, our foundation, chakra 1 (Muladhara). Encouraging alignment and activation of this root chakra is the key to setting up your life, business and health for success.

Although chakra 1 has many components, one vital piece is our nutrition. This base chakra relates to your body, matter and ground. Having ample nutrition will allow you to keep this foundational piece sturdy and strong, so that you can build upon it and explore your other chakras.

We have developed these Superfood Blends for you so that you can have an easy and sustainable way to begin transforming your body and energy system on a cellular level. By adding in just 1 shake, meal, elixir or snack per day using these Superfood Blends you will begin to align and activate your chakras, amplifying your flow.

Why do we say this is a sustainable approach to wellness? Many people want to make health, and energy, hard. We live in a society that associates working harder with more success. We don’t see it that way. We see a shift happening in our world, for the better! People are turned on to sacred self-care, taking care of not only their body but their energy system and the planet too!

With that being said… it is a lot to take on. We agree there are many changes we need to see in the world but we know that it is only going to happen one step at a time, this is the same way we view our health.

We don’t want you to quit what you are doing, go on some strict diet that leaves your energy and soul depleted and sets you up for major failure. We want to see you incorporate one simple change into your daily life and absolutely CELEBRATE all your successes along the way.

This is sustainability. This is the kind, gentle and aligned approach to raising your vibration and jumpstarting the change you want to see in your own life, and the world.

Join us in aligning with your abundant flow by Rooting Down & Rising Up… 21 days to your best self!

This program includes:

    • Access to a private Facebook group run by Chakra Activation Coach Sarah Birney
    • A new, high vibe and engaging community!
    • A gorgeous Superfood Recipe E-book full of smoothies, elixirs, sauces, snacks and breakfast specialties.
    • Opportunities for great mini-challenge prizes.
    • An incredibly easy action plan laid out for you to take your first step towards sustainable change.
    • Informational spotlights about each superfood and how they are beneficial for your body and mind.
    • Daily tasks for you to dig deep into your chakra system on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
    • A weekly yoga flow video to help you get INTO your body!
    • A choice of either our Green Energy or Brain Booster Superfood Blend to last you the entire challenge!
    • VIP option: Gets you BOTH bags of superfoods PLUS a 1-on-1 coaching session with Sarah!!!!  ($440 Value)


Are you ready to Root Down & Rise Up into your most abundant self? Join us today, cart closes March 5th!

If you sign up before February 26th you get a special gift that will be sent along with your superfoods!! *Limited Supply